Portland is a place branding and customer experience design consultancy. We are storytellers – we approach every project by knowing the people who will be using the places we help create and how we can talk to them, attract, inform, surprise, and delight them along their journey.

As architects, designers, and brand builders, we create rich, compelling, and lasting environments, that develop meaningful connections with people. Our work encompasses diverse areas, spanning from insights, marketing, and communications to retail master planning, public realm design (shopping centers, mixed-use developments, and airports), as well as retail and F&B environments and brand experiences.

By immersing ourselves in modern culture and discovering what matters to the people we want to engage, we design experiences that express your brand vision, establish a relevant role within communities, and build long-term relationships with your audience.

We strive to craft “Brands and Places for People.”

Website: www.portland-design.com
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