How does 150 Holborn address sustainability and future proofing?

Sidara’s new headquarters is a highly efficient building employing multiple sensors to monitor usage data and improve performance over time. We’ve tried to maximise the sustainability aspects as far as possible, within the tight constraints of building in a challenging urban environment.

150 Holborn was certified under BREEAM New Construction 2014, and achieved a total design stage score of 89.9%, well above the “Outstanding” threshold of 85%. Our building is projected to achieve 98% in BREEAM Post Construction Certification.

As the building falls within the jurisdiction of Camden Council, Camden’s planning mandated:

• a minimum BREEAM target of “Excellent” (70% certification).

• at least 60% of available credits in the BREEAM Energy category.

• at least 60% of available credits in the BREEAM Water category.

• at least 40% of available credits in the BREEAM Materials category.

In addition, 150 Holborn is on track to achieve LEED Platinum certification targeting a score of 86 credits.

150 Holborn


Significant contributions to future sustainability include:

Rainwater and greywater harvesting, water-efficient fittings, a blue roof rainwater retention system combined with stormwater attenuation tanks

Carbon emissions reduction of 18.5% through services and fittings, and photovoltaic panels for rooftop renewable energy

Daylight that is maximised and encouraged to ensure prudent energy use

• Most materials have EPD certification, with low embodied carbon materials for the building’s overall carbon life cycle

• A roof garden that improves the biodiversity of the area, providing a haven for insects and bats

• The latest in smart building technology sensors for energy use and occupancy patterns, adjusting services to meet demand

• Task lighting that is responsive to occupants

Air quality that is monitored and reported to staff through the use of sensors

• Building services that are designed to meet WELL Core Gold standard in the future

• Smart technology that supports collaboration, sustainability, productivity, well-being – its scalable foundations provide future proofing for prudent energy use, supporting Sidara;s ESG principles, and enabling measurable performance efficiencies, improvements, and savings over time.

150 Holborn uses the latest Smart Building technology (Schneider Electric Smart Building EcoStruxure Control System) designed to be flexible in its approach to how the building can be managed and operated. Our building will be able to sense the energy use and occupancy patterns and adjust the services to meet the demand as required.

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solution (Planon) includes modules such as: meeting room booking; visitor management; fault reporting, and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM). This system will enable us to optimise the management of 150 Holborn, which in turn helps us reach our goals efficiently.

150 Holborn has also delivered a mobile Application tool (available for iPhone, Android, and web) which lets occupants engage with the building moving forward. Currently, 150 users can book meeting resources, keep up to date with news feeds, and view food menus.

And this App will continue to grow. For example, we have fault reporting and community forums on the roadmap, which will be coming soon and add further value to the overall user experience.

150 Holborn has achieved the global WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum certification, currently one of only 18 buildings in the UK and one of only 49 in the world to do so. This global standard for smart buildings award “certifies the world’s best-in-class smart buildings that deliver an exceptional user experience.” And it validates the excellent technology within our building as well as demonstrating its future-readiness.